2019 U.S. Soccer Recertification


In recent years, NRDP has used the GameOfficials Registration, Learning and Course Management system for New Referee Courses and Recertification of Referees. This system no longer serves as a viable avenue for our needs, due mainly to it being phased out and tech support will be going away.


For the 2019 Recertification of referees, NRDP will be using the Officials Management System (see the link below to access the OMS website). As you might expect, the platform will look and perform differently than the prior system. This email and the links provided below will serve as comprehensive instructions for navigating through the recertification process for 2019.


  • For your first login:
  • Username: R(USSF ID #)
  • Password: Lastname (only capitalize the first letter)
  • After initial login, you can change your login credentials to your choice


  • You can find your USSF ID Number at:
  • "My Info"


  • PAYMENT Information:
  • If you want to pay your recertification fee by check, you must mail a check prior to the system allowing you to begin the recertification requirements.
  • Mailing Address:
  • NRDP
  • 5600 Longhorn Circle
  • Lincoln, NE 68516


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. To answer most questions, it would be best if you are at a computer so we can work through your issues while you are online.


Instructions - Video and/or PDF Format



2019 U.S. Soccer Recertification Instructions - PDF Format


2019 U.S. Soccer Recertification Instructions - MP4 Format



Wayne A Wilson, SRA

(402) 430-4561