ELECTRONIC PASSES - updated info

  • ELECTRONIC PASSES Electronic passes are being accepted for ENSA and CYSL as of now
  • Attached is a detailed explanation from NSSA on how the passes and rosters are designed – please take the time to review this info
  • If a coach doesn’t have electronic passes or can’t access them at game time OR doesn’t have paper passes – you will have to write down all the players and coaches – first and last names please – and file a NO PASS report 
  • If there are no electronic (or can’t access) or paper passes – then allow one adult on the team bench side to coach – but be sure to get the first and last name for the NO PASS report
  • PLEASE NOTE: Electronic passes now have the birthdate.  Please check birthdate in relation to division age as some teams have similar names.

NSSA is using The Affinity Sports system to register players now.  It is a mobile application that can be securely logged in from anywhere with internet access. When a coach or manager logs in, he or she only sees their team information and can send a message to all the players instantly about a change of field location or what restaurant to meet at after the game.

The system is live and there is no way a coach can cheat the system and present a player card from another team.

If they don’t have the team roster they can log into their Affinity account and pull up an official roster to present to the referee. There is no excuse for not having passes because a coach can easily use any device to login and have their cards ready.

If a player doesn’t show up in the digital cards he/she is not registered to the team.

A no pass report shouldn’t be filed for teams using digital passes, this is a “live” environment and these teams are registered with the state.

Below is a breakdown of the team ID, the referee can get the age group from here if the coach doesn’t have their team roster with them.

Breakdown of a Team ID

Affinity Test Team

Youth Fall 2016



0N001 – this is an identifier for Affinity which club the team belongs to

CB15 – C is the division (posted below) B for boy G for girl/15 is the age group 



S – Select

P – Premier

I – In-House

(Currently, ENSA or CYSL are not concerned if the division is recreational or classic/select.)