NSSA Weather Policy

NEBRASKA STATE SOCCER ASSOCIATION (ALL LEAGUES) WEATHER PLAN      JULY 19, 2014                                                                                

Weather Safety Plan/Lightning Safety                                                                      

Before games are played, league organizers are listening and monitoring the latest forecast to determine the likelihood of thunderstorms. If thunderstorms are forecasted, league organizers will consider canceling or postponing the activity. Once people start to arrive at an activity/event, the guidelines below should be followed.

Stopping Activities/Events:

 In general, a significant lightning threat extends outward from the base of a thunderstorm cloud about 6 to 10 miles. Therefore, people should be in a safe place when a thunderstorm is 6 to 10 miles away. League Representatives, Site Supervisors and/or Referees can stop the activity/event. Team Staff should get the attention of the Referee if they witness any of the criteria within the Safety Plan. Here are some criteria used to stop activities:

1. If you see lightning or;

2. If you hear thunder.


Seeking Safe Shelter:

No place outside is safe in or near a thunderstorm. If an activity/event is stopped, get participates, spectators and personnel off the fields and complexes as soon as possible and send them:

A. Home if you are cancelling the activity/event.

B. To a hard-topped metal vehicle with the windows closed. Avoid contact with metal in the vehicle and try to keep away from windows. Await further instructions for resuming activities/events.

C. To a substantial building with wiring and plumbing are the safest places. Buildings and schools offer good protection.

Once inside, stay away from windows and doors and anything that conducts electricity such as corded phones, wiring, plumbing, and anything connected to these. Await further instructions for resuming activities/events.

Resuming Activities/Events:

 Because electrical charges can linger in clouds after a thunderstorm has passed, wait at least 30 minutes after the last site of lightning or sound of thunder before resuming activities.


US Youth Soccer recommends that we use the National Weather Service guidelines. These guidelines are much stricter then what we are currently using.