Open games for SATURDAY
12:00 PM PAP 16 ENSA 171157 17-19B1ST D AR1
11:00 AM TQP 03 CYSL 7224 14B2 AR1
10:15 AM TQP 12B ENSA 81233 8B1ST D Referee
Open games for SUNDAY
1:00 PM BNG MIDDLE SCH 2 ENSA 102925 10G 3RD D Referee
4:00 PM DIS 4 ENSA 122823 12G3RD D AR1
2:30 PM PAP 12 SARPY 228452 11/12UG AR2
Games are open on HEYREF through October 7

I will be scheduling the following tournaments this season.  If you are interested in working any of these tournaments, please send me an email and I will be in touch closer to the tournament dates.

NSSA Rec Cup - Oct 5 & 6 (TQ)

Socctoberfest (Girls) - Oct 19 & 20 (LaVista)

Socctoberfest (Boys) - Oct 26 & 27 (LaVista)

Changes & Clarifications to Laws of the Game for 2019/20

VERY IMPORTANT - please review

2019/20 Laws of the Game – Changes and clarifications
• Yellow and red cards for misconduct by team officials
• A player being substituted leaving the field of play at the nearest point on the boundary line
• At a goal kick and a free kick for the defending team in their own penalty area
Team Officials
If any coach, assistant coach, athletic trainer or representative of the team on the sidelines is
found to be guilty of misconduct but the referee cannot distinguish who committed the infraction,
the highest-ranking team official will receive the Yellow/Red Card.
Anyone who is being substituted needs to leave at the closest point of the touchline/goal line. If the
halfway point is the closest point, please go off there.

ENSA & CYSL request that all substitutes enter and leave the field of play at midfield on the team bench side.

If you are injured or the safest point to exit the field is not the nearest, then the referee will indicate so and you can leave at the halfway point.
This change is trying to eliminate the practice of wasting time by substituting a player who is on
the opposite side of the field.
Goal kick
In the past, the team taking the goal kick could not touch the ball until it had left the penalty area.
Now, a player from the team in possession may reside in or enter the penalty area and touch the
ball as soon as it is in play. For the ball to considered be in play it must have been kicked and clearly
moved. This change is meant to speed up the play of the game.
Does this change affect the buildout line?
No, the spirit of the build-out line is still in effect in that players on the team not in
possession must move behind the buildout line until the ball is considered in play. The ball
is considered in play when it has been kicked and has clearly moved. Players for the team in
possession of the goal kick may choose to position themselves inside the penalty area. If a
team chooses to take a goal kick or free kick quickly, they are doing so at their own risk as
the normal build out line rules still apply.


NSSA Weather Policy

NEBRASKA STATE SOCCER ASSOCIATION (ALL LEAGUES) WEATHER PLAN      JULY 19, 2014                                                                                

Weather Safety Plan/Lightning Safety                                                                      

Before games are played, league organizers are listening and monitoring the latest forecast to determine the likelihood of thunderstorms. If thunderstorms are forecasted, league organizers will consider canceling or postponing the activity. Once people start to arrive at an activity/event, the guidelines below should be followed.

Stopping Activities/Events:

 In general, a significant lightning threat extends outward from the base of a thunderstorm cloud about 6 to 10 miles. Therefore, people should be in a safe place when a thunderstorm is 6 to 10 miles away. League Representatives, Site Supervisors and/or Referees can stop the activity/event. Team Staff should get the attention of the Referee if they witness any of the criteria within the Safety Plan. Here are some criteria used to stop activities:

1. If you see lightning or;

2. If you hear thunder.



Latest Omaha, Nebraska, weather conditions and forecast

CLUB PASS INFO - very important

ENSA & CYSL have both approved the use of “club pass” this season. 

The easiest way to think of a club pass is to think of it as a shared pass for one game. I’ll try to break it down more for pre-game:

  • Coaches should bring a copy of their team roster – only their team roster (you can keep the roster)
  • Check player/coach passes against the roster for primary and secondary players registered to that team
  • Any player that was placed on that team with a club pass will have “club pass” noted next to their name OR their name may be a handwritten name with “club pass” noted next to it (in CYSL games only) (If ENSA game no handwritten names are allowed so file a no pass report.)
  • “club pass” noted players will not have a paper pass or digital pass for you to review
  • All of the above are allowed to play
  • When filing your game report – note any missing player passes (for primary and secondary players) AND all players using a club pass “club pass”. ALSO file a no pass report for any missing player passes or handwritten CP players.
  • League and NSSA officials will follow-up by confirming that all players marked as “club pass” are registered players to another team in that club



2019 U.S. Soccer Recertification


In recent years, NRDP has used the GameOfficials Registration, Learning and Course Management system for New Referee Courses and Recertification of Referees. This system no longer serves as a viable avenue for our needs, due mainly to it being phased out and tech support will be going away.


For the 2019 Recertification of referees, NRDP will be using the Officials Management System (see the link below to access the OMS website). As you might expect, the platform will look and perform differently than the prior system. This email and the links provided below will serve as comprehensive instructions for navigating through the recertification process for 2019.



If you do not have a username or password, please "sign up to ref" and you will be notified of your username and password (they are not autogenerated once you submit your form).

Training for new referees

If you are a new referee, please consider training with an experienced referee mentor for two referee slots as a center referee on U9/10's and two slots as an assistant referee (AR) on U11/12's or U13/14's.  Look for "training referee" or "training AR" slots on the unassigned games.  After that you are encouraged to request games as referee or AR alone.  If you feel another training session is needed, please contact Mary Gene.

Bench personnel

Only coaches with passes are allowed on the bench side.  I've had several reports with too many "coaches" with no passes lately.  Here is the policy for ENSA.  CYSL  has a similiar policy.

6.12 Team Bench Supervision

At all age groups and divisions, a coach, manager or team official must supervise an ENSA team at all times at the Team Bench Area. Coaches, managers and team officials are required to provide the Referee with a coach’s pass certifying that the coach, manager or team official is currently rostered with the team or club. If by expulsion or emergency, a team does not have a coach, manager, or team official to supervise ENSA team during a ENSA match, then only one adult from the spectator side shall be permitted to sit with the team. That person’s name will be recorded and reported by the Referee in the game report.

Cold weather ref attire

When the weather conditions are predicted to be cold, please feel free to wear long pants (solid black preferably) and a long-sleeve black t-shirt or sweatshirt (layer appropriately) under your ref jersey. You can also wear a black stocking cap and gloves if desired. Dress to stay warm with the unpredictable weather we have been having.